Our Purpose

Waikato used to be part of the Auckland Rowing Association until its separation in 1999.  Founding committee members, were elected from the 5 clubs, and joined to establish what is now the Waikato Rowing Association (WRA).  

The Waikato Rowing Association was formalised with the purpose to:

  • advance the interests of the sport of rowing
  • provide a forum for member clubs in the Waikato region to meet and discuss matters of a common interest
  • arrange and administer regattas and other events within the Waikato
  • assist Waikato crews and individuals financially
  • maintain and promote our membership to NZ Rowing
  • promote and recruit athletes into the sport of rowing
  • foster and encourage the participation of volunteers and others as race officials, coaches and administrators for the sport of rowing.

Our Committee

Established in 1999, the Waikato Rowing Association committee is made up of elected representatives from our member clubs.  Each representative is elected for a minimum of three years at the annual general meeting held in August.  Come meet our current committee members.  The leaders for rowing in Waikato.

Our Member Clubs

We partner with our Members to promote Rowing for all

We work to provide development opportunities for Coaches, Athletes and Administrators through the events we offer.  During winter we offer the long distance series accompanied with coach development sessions to support competitors build up for our premier event - The Head of the Waikato River Race.

We work with Other Associations and Clubs across NZ

As the conduit between Rowing NZ, Karapiro Rowing Inc (KRI), South Island Rowing Inc (SRI) and local clubs, we advocate on issues and create opportunities for domestic rowing to proposer in our region.  The Waikato Rowing Assn is one of 11 Regional Associations in NZ.  Got a question or looking to move outside of Waikato then get in contact with us