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Head of Waikato River Race

Our premier event, the Head of the Waikato River Race (HOWRR), is held at Lake Karapiro, one of 7 lakes on the Waikato River.  The event is usually held on the last weekend of September and brings a close to winter rowing.   

The course takes competitors along a 7km stretch of the lake.  All boats will enter the water at the Mighty River Domain and proceed upstream and beyond the start line near Becks Landing.  As with other premier head races around the world, all boats must be above the start and in start order, facing upstream before the first boat is started. B oats will line up with the number 1 boat closest to the start and the last number as the most upstream boat. Under marshalls instructions, boats will spin and paddle when told to do so. There will be approximately 15-second gaps between boats. 

Boats will race from Moana Road Reserve (by Becks Nurseries) downstream past Keely's Reserve and the pylons onto Lake Karapiro, with the finish line at the usual finish end of the 2km summer race course.

Spectators can take in the racing from various lookouts along the course.  The best views are from the Mighty River Domain, where the boats can be seen competing for the best line around the corner as they approach the last 2000m.

Head over to the event website to find out when entries open and for more information. 

Winter Long Distance Time Trials

In anticipation of the HOWRR, crews can use our monthly long distance time trials as a build up, or to general keep rowing fit.  Our monthly 10km ‘long distance’ time trials start from Horahora Domain to Lake Karapiro Domain.  

Aptly named the Long Distance Regattas, these events are held the first Sunday of the month from June to September, with the exception of May.  Due to the opening weekend of duck shooting, this event is held on the second Sunday.   

Long Distance Regattas have been held since the early 2000s.  Crews from as far away as Whakatane and Auckland, go head to head, in small and big boats.  Entry is as simple as turning up on the day, with your money and then get in your boat ready to start from the bridge.  

Coming with a large contingent? Register ahead of time so we know you are coming.

Winter Workshops

Winter is usually the time when coaches and rowers slow down and plan for the season ahead.  To make the most of this downtime, we organise 2-4 workshops.  These generally occur the same weekend as the winter long distance to make it easier for those who travel from afar.  Workshop fees usually include entry to the long distance, and participation in an on-water training session with senior coaches.

Each workshop has a different focus and covers a topic that most rowers and coaches need to know, irrespective of their tenure in the sport.  Things like rigging, nutrition and training programmes can be done so many ways that it is hard to know what is the right way.  We seek out the experts and get them to share their knowledge with you so you can cut through the propaganda and get the right information.  

Learning how to rig boats correctly is free injury prevention and boat speed.  While learning the nutritional and training needs of female vs male athletes is key to achieving strong performance week in and week out.  

Check out the events calendar and register to secure your spot. Spaces are limited. 

Long Distance Results

These can be reviewed on the RowIT Result Website

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