Want to run an event?

We support local regattas and other events. Notify us of your events.

Smaller regattas are likely to be the focal point of the 2020-2021 season.   We want to support local rowing community events as best we can.  

Please notify us of your intended event as soon as possible by completing the form below. 

 The WRA wants to assist clubs and schools to run regattas in our region, and our neighboring associations.  So each regatta can be successful with good participant numbers, we ask for event organisers to notify us of your event ideas and plans as early as possible so the summer season calendar can be well-coordinated across our region and with neighbouring associations.  

The last thing we would want to see is that all regattas are on the same weekend and athletes are torn having to choose which regatta to attend.  Or that any coach or athlete development events clash with regattas.  

Event Notification Form

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Thanks for notifying us of your event. We will be in contact to coordinate and discuss further.