Clive Steenson

Clive Steenson  1946–2021

Clive's funeral is on Thursday 3rd June at 11 am, Swarbrick Drive Chapel, Te Awamutu

It is with great sadness to hear of the passing of Clive Steenson yesterday. On behalf of the Waikato rowing community, we would like to offer our condolences and love to the Steenson family and Te Awamutu Rowing Community.

Clive was one of the founding members of Te Awamutu Rowing Club, and has given his life to the sport. With his daughters, he kept the club going when few would help during the 90s. His passion for rowing was unwavering and for anyone willing to listen he would share his tips and tricks to being a great rower. His presence at the club sheds and regattas will surely be missed by many.

As a coach, he achieved many successes and for those aspiring to wearing black, he dedicated countless hours coaching them on and off the water. With recent NZ representatives being Luka Ellery, Graham Oberlin-Brown and Hannah Osborne.

Hannah Osborne shared these thoughts of Clive:

Clive was the life blood of the Te Awamutu Club. He was such a passionate man who had given his life to the sport. He spent countless hours down at rowing club coaching or spending time tuning a boat just right. He gave 100% to every person that he coached in his time, effort and care. His club was his family which he loved so very much. Clive has been a huge part of my life, instilled values and the passion for rowing, and almost told me his top secret rowing tricks…he will very much missed and a give my love to his family.