Notice Board - April 2021

Its been a busy time with lots happening - Aon Maadi Cup, Rules of Racing Review, changes to the RPC’s and High Performance Pathway. We would like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the volunteers, coaches and supporters that continue to help our athletes.

High Performance Pathway Changes

The RNZ National Pathway is looking to support athletes in their home environment and its targeted at athletes that may not have made the RPC standards but are performing well in their respective age groups. More details are available on the RNZ website or contact Annika Wing, High Performance Athlete Development Leader.

NZ Rowing Association (aka RNZ) Rules Review

Pete Yeoman and Catherine Stapleton are your representatives on this project. They are working closely with the other association reps to ensure WRA member clubs views are represented and heard. Having a chat can be quicker and easier, give either of them a call or invite them to your next committee meeting. Email them via – hello@rowingwaikato.co.nz or call Catherine on 021 069 1913 or Pete on 027 674 7200

Coming Up

NZRA Annual General Meeting - will be held on Saturday, 22 May in Hamilton.
REMINDER: Have you registered for the AGM Dinner - numbers are limited.
Tickets cost $85.00 (incl GST) per person. Dress code: Formal wear, rowing blazer/jacket and tie.
RSVP by Friday, 7th May 2021. Details available on our 

Lets share the spotlight together

You may have already picked up but the theme of WRA Noticeboard is information sharing and working together. We would like to offer our assistance to promote your events, celebrations, achievements and photos with the wider rowing community.

This month we share a St Johns story with you

We talked to Justin Marsh, Chair of the Parents Committee at St John's College Rowing and asked him what made the rowers want to stick with the sport after they had finished high school rowing. He said that the boys spoke highly about the coaches and the SJC programme.

It's all about enjoyment first. Success, in whatever form the individual sees that for themselves, comes later.

Learning to love the sport was key. Otherwise, you will leave it at some stage.

Here is list of boys who have rowed club or senior this year, all from St John's College:
Waikato Rowing Club: Finn Hamill, Seb Fulton, Martin Tamoaieta, Liam Herder, Reuben Ngapo, Vinnie Hermann.
Cambridge Rowing Club: Isaac Balemi, Zac Ellison, Danny Squire, Jett Lovegrove-Edlington.


BE SEEN BE SAFE. Its coming up to that time of year especially around dawn and dusk when visibility is poor, that you need to be seen, make sure you have boat lights and use them. Make sure you have PFDs in all boats and use them.
Clubs please send us your incident reports. We are strong believers for sharing information to learn from one another. After all hindsight is 20/20 and the most serious safety breach of all is to do nothing.


Long Distance - 9 May, 6 June, 4 July, 1 Aug, 5 Sept

Legion Masters Regatta - 8 May

Head of Waikato - 25 Sept

Waikato River Race - 17 Oct

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