Rowing during Covid-19 Level 3

Health & Safety Update

As you will know, NZ has moved to Level 3 from 11:59 last night (27 April). While this will allow for some of the Level 4 lockdown restrictions to be lifted, the WRA Committee has resolved that the club’s across the region should remain closed.

This is consistent with the updated regulations relating to our sport. That is, although rowing is allowed, it is restricted to single sculling, with your own sculls (and a requirement to stay within 200 metres of the shore). Moreover, the continuing requirement to not share equipment means that neither club boat sheds, nor club boats, are to be used.

Please note that any individuals who choose to row using privately owned equipment, fall outside any Rowing New Zealand, or Waikato Rowing Association (WRA) remit.

We would like to bring your attention to a recent Rahui that has been placed over the entire length of the Waikato River, which includes prohibiting recreational activities on the water.  For more information please read the Stuff NZ article via the link provided below.   


At this time, we would recommend that individuals abide by the local Iwi's wishes, and refrain from rowing until the Rahui is lifted. To be clear, the Rahui, only covers the Waikato and Waipa rivers.  

As soon as more information comes to hand about the Rahui or Covid-19 that relates to Rowing, we will share this with the wider rowing community.