Changes are in full swing for NZ Domestic Rowing. Share your views.

There are three key changes happening in 2020-2021 Domestic Season.  Thanks to those who have provided input so far.  Check out below for an update on each of the proposed changes.  There is work to do.  

  1. Rules of Racing Review 
  2. Rowing NZ Special General Meeting Outcome
  3. North Island Club Champs Regatta format

We appreciate that everyone is busy as we approach the pointy end of the Club domestic season.  We all just want to make it through in one piece. To make it easier for you and your club to share their views, please email us at 

1. Rules of Racing Review

  1. The rules of racing are getting a much needed overall review.
  2. The purpose of the review is to address key areas of frustration, ambiguity and consistency in the language.  This review is being led by Sean Durkin, a lawyer by profession and an active member of the NZ Rowing Community through Wellington Rowing Association and his Coaching career.
  3. Pete Yeoman and Catherine Stapleton are the WRA reps for the Rules of Racing Review.  As well as being club administrators, they each bring a unique perspective as an Official and Athlete respectively.   
  4. The suggested changes to the rules of racing are available to download and review
  5. The suggested changes have come from members of the rowing community and not from Rowing New Zealand.  
  6. In some cases specific wording has been provided (i.e. suggested 2021 Rules) but in other cases it is not appropriate to provide this yet.  It is expected that the consultation process between now and 14 March will allow for specific wording to be sent out in the second iteration document in March 2021. 
  7. Please review the suggested changes and share your thoughts by answering the following questions:
    1. What changes do you like or agree with and why?
    2. What changes do you not like or disagree with and why?  If possible please suggest alternative wording
    3. What do you think should be changed but hasn't been included?
    4. Any other relevant comments, suggestions or ideas you would like to raise
  8. Feedback to the WRA Committee is due on 14 March 2021
  9. The committee will collate and share the comments, suggestions and ideas via this webpage and our usual communication tools (i.e. emails and social media)

If easier please get in contact with Pete and Catherine to discuss your thoughts, ideas and suggestions before submitting your feedback.  The committee will review the suggestions at the meetings.  Our members are welcome to attend these discussions.  Please get in contact with our Secretary to arrange - 

Submit Feedback on the proposed Rules of Racing Changes

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Message Sent. Thank you for taking the time to submit your feedback about the suggested changes to the RNZ Rules of Racing. We really appreciate it!

2. Rowing NZ - Special General Meeting (SGM)

  1. Outcome - the rule changes were passed with a minor adjustment
  2. While the rule changes were passed, many delegates commented on the changes allowing RPC athletes to race senior events.  The expectation that many RPC rowers should continue to compete in Premier or U20 events and that only those who are new to RPC should be racing at the senior level.  There is a general understanding amongst the Associations that should RPCs take advantage of this privilege then the Associations will quickly seek to change the rule(s) that apply.  
  3. The flow on effect of these rules changes is are the changes to the NZ Rowing National Championship events, and subsequently the regatta schedule.  Head over the RNZ website for the documents and information about Nationals.
  4. WRA Reps for the virtual RNZ SGM were Catherine Stapleton and Peter Fraser.

3. North Island Club Championships Regatta Format

  1. Well this chestnut finally has some information to share.  After being promised this would be out a few weeks after the KRI AGM in August, we have been eagerly waiting for it and now it is finally here to share.
  2. We are working our way through this lengthy document and are very interested to get your views on the proposed racing format.

Good luck to everyone competing at this regatta!